A-Linie/Princess-Linie Ärmelapplikationen Spaghetti-Trägern bodenlangen Chiffon Kleider

Market Price: € 625.00

Sonderpreis: € 130.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Chiffon
Neckline :  Spaghetti-Trägern
Silhouette :  A-Linie/Prinzess
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Perlstickerei, Applikation
Waist :  Empire-Stil
Hemline/Train :  Bodenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Steinbeck
  • 2013-09-24

This is the most beautiful dress

Would it be possible to have detachable straps added on?

  • By Leah
  • 2013-09-20

Well tailored. Good quality

Nicely tailored. Good quality. As described in the site. Thank you!

  • By Lucian
  • 2013-08-21

The dress is really a seductive dress

Do you have to wear a bra with this dress or not?

  • By Condron
  • 2013-08-07

Do you have the Nude color?

Do you have the Nude color?

  • By Quiller
  • 2013-06-30

This dress is so charming

if i order this dress but have the length shorter than standard would i still be able to return it if i did not like it?

  • By Bach
  • 2013-05-09

I like royal blue color

hello, would it be possible to order this dress in 'Royal Blue' chiffon??? thank you

  • By Charlotte
  • 2013-03-24

It won't let me choose the color I want.

It won't let me choose the color I want.

  • By Throop
  • 2013-03-12

very classy

Do you have this dress in any other colour

  • By Charles
  • 2013-03-07

This dress looks like so attractive

i want to buy this dress but in black color and knee length, is it possible?

  • By Rist
  • 2013-02-20

I plan to buy this dress

would this dress be available in dark green please?

  • By Sinclair
  • 2013-02-12

This dress is very sexy

Hi i'm looking at getting this dress in blue, can you please send a photo of the dress in blue so i can make sure the shade of blue is the one i want, if you dont have a photo of the dress in blue can you please send me a photo of another dress but in the blue colour that it will look like. Also can u please send a closeup of the embellishment as i would like to see the quality if the crystals, thank you

  • By Harriman
  • 2013-01-29

What is the fabric of this dress?

What is the fabric of this dress?

  • By Dolphins
  • 2013-01-26

perfect size

Do you do next day delivery?

  • By Nordberg
  • 2013-01-25

I absolutely love this dress

Could you make the dress without it being backless???

  • By Gilbert
  • 2013-01-16

It is really a stylish dress

hi how do i order this dress in another color? i want it in 'light sky blue' thanks

  • By Warren
  • 2013-01-14

The quality is very good

hello would this dress be made in time for me to wear it on the 27th of october?

  • By NutKracker
  • 2013-01-05

happy with this product

nice product. fast delivery. happy with this product

  • By Rama
  • 2013-01-05

It is quite a charming dress

Can I change the waist measurements only as the other measurements? do I have to get custom made to change only the waist?

  • By Zora
  • 2012-12-16

Very happy with the dress overall

can this dress be made in any other colour

  • By Jlina
  • 2012-11-16

The back of dress

Hi I really love this dress it like perfect for me to wear for prom however I was wondering if it is possible for the back to be less revealing like the v shape to be a bit small I hope this is possible pleaseeeee thank you

  • By Mcloughlin
  • 2012-11-02

It owns so modern style

can this dress be made in any more colors?

  • By Michelle
  • 2012-10-27

This dress is absolutely beautiful

What colour is the dress shown in the photos?