A-Linie Trägerlos Schatz Bodenlänge Tüll Kleid mit Kristall und Perlenstickerei

Market Price: € 542.31

Sonderpreis: € 141.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Tüll
Neckline :  Schatz
Silhouette :  A-Linie/Prinzess
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Perlstickerei
Waist :  Empire-Stil
Hemline/Train :  Bodenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Delia
  • 2013-08-31

Very well made gown

Just recieved this beautiful dress. It looks even better in person then on the website and it was the perfect size. I had no problems with it what so ever. love It

  • By Anastasia
  • 2013-08-27

absolutely perfect

can the dress be made without the cascading ruffle?

  • By sianflii
  • 2013-08-17

Came out Well, better than expected

I admit I had my doubts when first purchasing this dress, but it came out better than expected. The fit is great, as I went with a custom cut, but there is more fabric at the bottom than I had pictured. But it will still be worn and adored. Thanks!

  • By Demetrius
  • 2013-08-10

it owns the pretty good quality

Was very impressed with the prompt shipping of this item. For the price it owns the pretty good quality and I will be using it for my wedding.

  • By Myrel
  • 2013-07-23

what fabric is this dress made from

what fabric is this dress made from

  • By Sunny
  • 2013-06-28

This dress is absolutely beautiful!

Is it possible to make the front of the dress shorter?

  • By Wanda
  • 2013-06-14

This dress is quite stunning

If I order this dress today, when will I receive it?

  • By Meredith
  • 2013-06-07

The dress fits true to size

i really like this dress but i would like to know why does it take so long to be delivered are you located in the uk

  • By Severe
  • 2013-06-03

Stylish dress fast delivery

Is it possible to delivery before 26 july 2012?

  • By Raymond
  • 2013-05-29

I love it so much

Can you tell me how wide this dress is. My daughter would like me to buy it for her prom. She is only 13 and her height measurement is only 53 inches - that is with 3 inch heels. i am worried that it will be too wide, and look odd, for such a small height. In your professional opinion, can you offer any help?

  • By Jen
  • 2013-05-10

I love this dress very much

What is the length of the dress?

  • By Efaw
  • 2013-04-08

So very happy with the dress

could this dress be done in navy not dark navy??

  • By Ileen
  • 2013-04-03

It looks like quite unique

if i order it today, when will it arrive?

  • By Emerson
  • 2013-03-27

Is it possible to get this dress in corset back and ankle length?

Is it possible to get this dress in corset back and ankle length?

  • By Wicker
  • 2013-03-18

Quality is great

Quality is great and delivery time is quite fast too. nice colour, very well made. it looks better in person. The material feels great and I will be a hit at the party.I am very pleased with the size chart it is very accurate and dependable. And for the price of this dress it is amazing what you get.

  • By Cecillia
  • 2013-03-16

Nice chiffon dresses

Hi I ordered a dress yearterday and I just wanted to know if there is anyway of it being made a super rush order as I will be need it sooner than I thought?

  • By Tighe
  • 2013-02-26

good value

please can you tell me how long this will take to be delivered

  • By Anastasia
  • 2013-02-14


do you have pictur of this dress made by you or other dresses you have made? thanks

  • By Karissa Castro
  • 2013-02-09

i was just wondering if my dress had been made ye

Hello, i was just wondering if my dress had been made yet and will be shiped soon. thank you

  • By Antyhon
  • 2013-01-20

The price is a liitle bit high

I have noticed this dress has a bit of a train at the back and was wondering if i was to order it, but have the hem made the same length all the way round, would it cost the extra ?25 to have this done?

  • By Stacy
  • 2012-12-17

I am interested in this dress very much

Can I see the dresses in different colors?

  • By Palma
  • 2012-10-25

It is simply stunning

Simply stunning! Just what i needed for my wedding.