A-Linie/Princess-Linie Neckholder Falten ärmellose bodenlangen elastische Gewebe Satin-Kleid

Market Price: € 680.00

Sonderpreis: € 136.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Elastische Gewebe Satin
Neckline :  Halfter
Silhouette :  Etui-Linie
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Plissee
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Bodenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Kyrene
  • 2013-09-15

Please can you tell me if you have receive the mail

Please can you tell me if you have receive the mail from: "dress exactly as on picture"...! Because i don't know if the mail is send or excedently deleted in my box. Regards.

  • By Mathary
  • 2013-09-13

This dress is really a sexy dress

is this dress available in red?

  • By Marianne
  • 2013-09-07

Fast delivery very satisfied

Absolutely gorgeous, will be using this in my hair for my big day.

  • By Demetrius
  • 2013-08-30

It is really a fashionable dress

i was wondering if i order this dress around next week how long would it take to arrive as my prom in on the 12th of November, thank you.

  • By Diche Yoshita
  • 2013-08-23

I have fallen in love with this dress very much

Is the material flexible?

  • By Sarah Fyfe
  • 2013-08-15

like the dress very much

Can I choose any colour for any dress?

  • By May
  • 2013-06-07

love the dress!

What color is the dress in the picture?

  • By liu
  • 2013-05-22

A super dress thanks

A super dress thanks, very happy with your order thanks

  • By Laura
  • 2013-05-21

love it, thanks

can a dress be returned for a refund if it is unsuitable?

  • By Josepha
  • 2013-05-11

Perfect Dress!

Ordered this dress for my daughter's grade 12 graduation! Went with the custom sizing and it fits her perfectly! Amazing quality, and prices with super speedy delivery!

  • By Shirley
  • 2013-05-02

This dress is AMAZING

Hi, can you make a zipper back on this dress instead??? Does it cost extra??

  • By Rebecca
  • 2013-04-27

Amazing fashion dress

Could this dress be made in coral?

  • By Stiasio
  • 2013-04-14

It is such a charming evening dress

does this dress come in royal blue?

  • By Joanne
  • 2013-03-26

This dress looks like quite fashionable

would it be possible to have this dress in red?

  • By Deanne
  • 2013-02-23

Lovely dres

Lovely dres ! I like it. I am wondering that can I pay when I receive it?

  • By Ximena
  • 2013-02-14

prefect dress

yes but temporarily means for a little while, so when will i be able to select the super rush order selection so i can make sure i get the dress on time. i'm desperate to know asap!

  • By Adams
  • 2013-01-23

stii good

not 100% same as model but stii good

  • By Titsworth
  • 2013-01-18

Can i see a picture of this dress in red?

Can i see a picture of this dress in red? Thanks.

  • By Clementine
  • 2013-01-03

Love this dress

Hi, I would like to order this dress in a shorter length than that of the corresponding sizes. Would I be able to request this without paying extra? Also have you any other pictures of other colours or a chart that shows what the dress colour would look like?

  • By Rochelle
  • 2012-11-26

i love this dress very much

what is the length of the dress (in inches) in a standard size 8?

  • By Sonmerfield
  • 2012-11-16

Elegant dress, love

how do I order in a different colour?

  • By Jess
  • 2012-11-08

Cute but short

Is it possible for this to be made into a long dress? how long will it take for it to be made

  • By Heidi
  • 2012-11-03

This dress is so stunning

If I order this dress today would it arrive in 3 weeks or at the latest in 23 days?

  • By Jocelyn
  • 2012-10-31

It is quite bright

do you have this in a brown??

  • By Frieda
  • 2012-10-19

I am very happy with this purchase.

I am very happy with this purchase. The quality is very nice! And the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this website as they're reliable and trustworthy. I will totally order again. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and wonderful product.

  • By Marilyn
  • 2012-10-18

This dress is such a noble dress

hi, is this really a safe site and is there any other colors the dress could be in?