A-Linie/Prinzess Ein-Schulter Ärmellos Bodenlänge Chiffon Kleid mit Perlenstickerei

Market Price: € 666.67

Sonderpreis: € 140.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Chiffon
Neckline :  Ein-Schulter
Silhouette :  A-Linie/Prinzess
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Perlstickerei
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Bodenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Phoebe S.
  • 2014-02-10

Just Came In - love it already!!

I bought this dress for my prom and I love it! Everything fits amazingly well! Not only did they ship quickly but they kept me updated with any changes and statuses. I will definitely recommend this site to others. Amazing service and dress!

  • By Izzy Dewey
  • 2013-09-25

Excellent quality

The dress is beautiful. Excellent quality.

  • By Warshaw
  • 2013-09-12

Such a beautiful dress

what are the sizes of the built-in bra?

  • By Frieda
  • 2013-07-05

how much this dress would be adding an extra 3inches

Hi, just wondering how much this dress would be adding an extra 3inches to the length please.

  • By Viviana
  • 2013-07-01

Lovely dress fast delivery

can this dress be made in anymore colours?

  • By Herland
  • 2013-05-25

Absolutely beautiful dress!

Hey, i was wondering what was meant by ''hollow to floor''

  • By Charles
  • 2013-05-25

It is such a fashionable dress

How long is this dress from top to bottom please?

  • By Jamie
  • 2013-05-22

This dress is so nice

Is it possible to make the neckline of this dress straight and strapless?

  • By Reynoso
  • 2013-05-09

I am so satisfied with this dress

could this dress be done in navy not dark navy?

  • By Garrigan
  • 2013-05-06

This dress is so pretty

How long does the dress take to come?

  • By Angela
  • 2013-04-03

Not only sexy but also nice

how long would it take for my dress to get to me if i ordered my size today?

  • By Mallory
  • 2013-03-17

The dress is very comfortable and well made

hi, is there any chance to send me a photo with this dress in black.

  • By Ballard
  • 2013-02-10

The design is so wonderful

Would you be able to make this dress in other colors rather than the ones in the color chart?

  • By Kelly
  • 2013-01-25

Dress to be made in chiffon rather than organza

hi there, I was wondering if this dress could be made in chiffon rather than organza? I am madly in love with this dress and im considering it to buy it but the only put off is the organza.. thank you!

  • By Banks
  • 2013-01-23

Absolutely fantistic dress

What length is this dress? Thanks

  • By Mcninch
  • 2013-01-11

This dress is so fashionable

Can you add straps to this dress? Could you send a link showing it in ivory and champagne please? Can you make a wrap using matching lace?

  • By Jasminka
  • 2012-12-07

So classical, I love it

will this wrap still be available in December?

  • By Frederica
  • 2012-12-05

I am satisfied with it very much

Is this dress suitable for a prom?