Atemberaubend Etui-Linie Ein-Schulter Ärmellos Bodenlänge Elastische Gewebe Satin Kleid mit Perlenstickerei

Market Price: € 695.00

Sonderpreis: € 139.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Elastische Gewebe Satin
Neckline :  Ein-Schulter
Silhouette :  Etui-Linie
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Perlstickerei
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Bodenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Amy Sanzo
  • 2013-09-23

Hello! I'm so glad that I ordered this dress!

Is this dress still available in the sale - Pink in size 10 or 12

  • By Heather
  • 2013-09-20

perfect style

How long does it usually take to make this exact dress?

  • By Evelyn
  • 2013-08-13

It fits great

hey i was wondering if i ordered this dress would it make here to Sydney Australia in time

  • By Geraldine
  • 2013-07-30

Love this dress

What does the back look like?

  • By Mcelhaney
  • 2013-07-07

I am really interested in this dress

Hi, I was wondering how long this dress will be on the website for?

  • By Maria
  • 2013-04-27

Fast shipping and super easy transaction

Absolutely PERFECT! Fast shipping and super easy transaction! This is the perfect accessory to change the look of already purchased formal wear.

  • By Melissa
  • 2013-04-15

I couldn't be happier with this wrap

I couldn't be happier with this wrap. It is exactly as described and the color is a near exact match. Well made and well packaged and arrived on the date stated. Thank you

  • By Amanda
  • 2013-03-27

Lovely dress fast delivery

Hi I was just wondering if you could extend the length of this dress by five inches?

  • By poorni
  • 2013-03-17

The dress is really the most classical dress

would this dress be available in dark green please?

  • By Bangert
  • 2013-03-17

This dress is so fashionable

If I order a dress today, what is your predicting date I will receive it?

  • By Valentina
  • 2013-03-14

I am interested in the dress very much

Hi. I am interested in the dress (above) how quickly can you get them dispatched (no alterations required)? Thanks

  • By Madge
  • 2013-03-08

Nice dress

Can this dress make in white with fushcia sash around the waist line instead the same color?

  • By Maurice
  • 2013-03-05

Will I need additional support in the bust area?

Will I need additional support in the bust area?

  • By Catharina
  • 2013-02-10

Lovely dress fast delivery

Could i get this dress within 6 days?

  • By Chloe
  • 2013-02-07

Absolutely loved this dress

does this dress not come in red no more?

  • By Cassie
  • 2012-12-14

The dress is just stunning

What is the material of the dress? I'd like to know so I can match it to the colour chart.

  • By Tracy
  • 2012-11-24

true to size

If i Bought this dress would i be able to send it back if it doesn't Fit?

  • By Isiah
  • 2012-11-07

I am interested in this dress very much

if i order the dress size 8 today when will it arrive?

  • By Alicia
  • 2012-11-07

It is quite a fashionable dress

Is there any chance I could order this dress in light slate grey?