Elegant A-Linie/Prinzess Kurze Ärmel V-Ausschnitt Wadenlänge Chiffon Kleid mit Plissee

Market Price: € 575.00

Sonderpreis: € 128.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Chiffon
Neckline :  V-Ausschnitt
Silhouette :  A-Linie/Prinzess
Sleeve :  Kurze Ärmel
Embellishment :  Plissee
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Wadenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By bbarrington44
  • 2014-07-23

Love this dress! Very good quality fabric.

Love this dress! Very good quality fabric.

  • By kmoss_leeds
  • 2014-07-19

Ordered two for my bridesmaids for my wedding in Greece

Ordered two for my bridesmaids for my wedding in Greece in June. They arrived within the timeframe originally provided and the quality is very good. The lining even has a lining and they are very well stitched. The ony thing is that one of the straps was sewn the wrong way round and they need letting out about 1-2 inches so that my bridesmaids don't pass out. I would advise opting for a size bigger or even opt for the customised sizing.

  • By Raynjewels
  • 2014-05-27

Purchased these dresses from across waters in the UK.

Purchased these dresses from across waters in the UK.

  • By sue.handley20
  • 2014-05-09

Extremely happy iv purchased before great value I'm a very

Extremely happy iv purchased before great value I'm a very happy customer I will use again

  • By Grandberry
  • 2014-04-29

Really stunning

I bought the dress, I was see a good price and decided to try. I am surprised of the good quality of this dress.

  • By Vitolo
  • 2014-04-28

Send me other color dress pic

we found this dress to be the most flattereing for us all. It is certainly as pretty out of the box and on as the ad claims it to be. Highly recommend this website!

  • By Peren
  • 2014-04-24

Hong Long?

It looks classy and tasteful on the model, it's so pretty, i can't wait to wear it many times! I would definitely order through this company again.

  • By Grate
  • 2014-04-24

reasonable price

I bought this dress for my brother' s wedding party and it took only a couple days to get here. I am not a tall person so I have to hem it on the bottom but that's not a big deal. The dress is so gorgeous and it's so worthy of the money.

  • By Caitlin
  • 2014-04-24

Great company

Dress is beautiful arrived on time. I order it standard size so it is a little long. But except that was very pleased with the service an quality of this dress. I am so sad about that with the quality of your dresses. Thank you. Will order from you if needed.

  • By Dozal
  • 2014-04-24

It is just fine for me

Gorgeous Dress - Great Fit I really love my dress and the sale price was a deal. The dress isperfect with make. Everything worked out well. I will definitely use this site for dresses in future. Thank you again.

  • By Hanaa
  • 2014-04-24

so beautiful and gorgeous

I found this website incredibly easy to use and found the dress I wanted really quickly! Definitely a great website to use and much cheaper than anywhere else.

  • By Jeannie
  • 2014-04-18

The dress is stunning and fits really well

I ordered the dress about two weeks ago, and I received the dress yesterday. wow, a amazing dress.

  • By Whiddon
  • 2014-04-16

So impressed with my dress

I have been in love with this dress since I saw it, the dress fit perfectly! It seems very well made and it was an exceptional value for the price.

  • By Klepper
  • 2014-04-13

very beautiful dress

It has turned out wonderfully The dress just arrived and it is perfect. It came exactly on time, and is exactly like the picture. I followed the advice of other customers and ordered a large, this was wise advice - it's a perfect fit. Plenty of length for wearing high shoes, I was nervous ordering such an item on line but it has turned out wonderfully.

  • By Soula
  • 2014-04-02

looked amazing on it

This dress is breathtaking! ! ! Love everything about it! !

  • By Socorro
  • 2014-04-02

Like it!

This dress is amazingly beautiful! ! Like others I was wary of the quality of the product but after reading reviews I took the plunge and was definitely pleased that I bought it. The dress is exquisite and am so glad that I didn't have to pay thousands of dollars for a beautiful debutante dress :)Thank you! ! :)

  • By Marcy
  • 2014-03-23

Beautiful dress - exactly what we expected

I just received this dress, i am so excited to wear it, it is true to size, yet a bit long, the material is fabulous and rich, it is made excellently.

  • By Delphine
  • 2014-01-20

Je suis vraiment ravie de la robe. Cela correspond tout

Je suis vraiment ravie de la robe. Cela correspond tout à fait à l'image ainsi que la couleur choisie. Au niveau de la taille, c'est nickel!!

  • By Mandy
  • 2014-01-07

I couldn't have been more happy with my dress. Unfortunately

I couldn't have been more happy with my dress. Unfortunately the zip broke when I put it on and it was very long, but I had things attended to and the dress looked stunning. I got so many compliments and was just over the moon with how it looked. Your customer service team were fabulous in that as soon as they new there had been a problem, they came back to me with a couple of options. Thank you so very much. I am wearing the 2nd of the two dresses (Gossip girl dress) purchased this weekend - this one fit perfectly and is just gorgeous. I have shown several friends your web site and I will definately purchase from you again! Thanks for everything!! P.S you tracking system is fantastic! Mandy - Akld, New Zealand

  • By William-J
  • 2013-12-09

best choice

Gorgeous dress Ordered this dress is my right choise. It is beautiful. The quality is excellent and I couldn't be happier. To come back again

  • By Rubye
  • 2013-11-29

Graceful design

The dress i received was far beyond what i expected! as i am a petite, i didn't ask the standard size and just gave them my measurement! The dress came out to flatter me perfectly and the fabric is nice, especially the lace at the bottom of the train is very exquisite! it's worth the price! Thank you! Highly recommended!

  • By Micheline
  • 2013-11-06

Absolutely a lovely dress

I purchased this dress for my daughter. I am delightfully surpised by the quality of this dress!!! it is fully lined and has a built in bra with a seperate closure inside the dress. The color is perfect. I was concerned ordering online, but it surpassed my expectations!

  • By Eliot
  • 2013-10-15

It is a lovely gown and so flattering for every body type

I was so happy to receive my new pink dress, it made me so sexy and my friend told me it was so chic. So it is a best choice not only for theparty or something like that.

  • By Lorraine Mund
  • 2013-10-03

Absolutely beautiful

I appreciate your professionalism and service. I have received my dress and it's absolutely wonderful. It's perfect and the color is amazing! I feel like I'm on the red carpet. Thank you very, very much! I appreciate your professionalism and service. You are the best! I sure will be ordering from you again!

  • By Erin
  • 2013-09-12

The dress was exactly what I ordered. No unpleasant surprises.

The dress was exactly what I ordered. No unpleasant surprises.

  • By Buswell
  • 2013-09-01

flattering line

Everything was Okay! Simply love it, the color perfect and the size just fit does not need anything to do

  • By Conrad
  • 2013-08-28

I am a curvy woman and this dress is flattering and can be worn all year round.

Good bargain! Good bargain! Right choice online-shopping! I was fond of the chic style and comfortable material.

  • By Chasidy
  • 2013-08-26

Love those dresses so much

This dress is perfect. Looks great, well done and fabric is so nice. Good to wear on many occasions, goes well with any color.

  • By Ruthanne
  • 2013-08-03

Great dress

The dress is amazing, It is for my sister and she is very satisfied, I certainly will come and buy again :)

  • By Terese
  • 2013-07-30


This dress is very cool. It is exactle like the picture, and very well made.

  • By Klemp
  • 2013-07-27

the dress looks wonderful.

in high quality The dress is beautiful, the color I ordered was Burgundy I would describe it more as ruby it is gorgeous. The dress is extremely well made and the material is of high quality. I can't wait to wear this.

  • By Salley
  • 2013-07-24

Great purchase!!!

The dress is extremly well made and my submitting my measurements fits perfectly and by being able to submit your measurements it meant the dress was long enough this is great. Plus couldn't be more happy with the time it has taken to make and arrive submitted.

  • By Lancelot
  • 2013-07-13

The fits prefect and i love the colour

It is amazing, the dress looks simply beautiful and for this price, it is just fantastic. Excelent quality of material. that is what I want. Thank you!

  • By Elsie
  • 2013-06-21

it is an amazing deal!!

This is the first time I have ordered a dress online- and I must say I am very pleased with the quality, the fit, and most of all- it was gorgeous. I will continue to order from this website. I have no cons.

  • By Francoeur
  • 2013-06-20

Like this dress very much

I bought this dress, and it fits me perfectly. The top runs a bit big, but for me that is great, because I am heavy busted. In real the dres is mich more slimming than on the picture I took, because it has a really beautiful matte finish.

  • By Dittman
  • 2013-06-19

I'm looking at this dress for my niece

I am really pleased with my purchase. I ordered a made to measure dress, It was delivered on time and was perfect. Thankyou I'm telling everyone about your site.

  • By Massa
  • 2013-06-08

What would the dress look like if it was black?

My daughter loves it and I love the price. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the great service you guys at your storeprovide. I have just received my second purchase from this site. WOW!! My daughter loves it and I love the price. Both of the dresses I have bought have been perfect :) No waiting for special order, delivered to the UK within the week.

  • By Haroula
  • 2013-05-24

i am in love with this dress! i love it!

A real bargain This is a great dress for special occasions. I ordered the grape one, I love the glamorous style. And I always wear the sleeveless dresses. The total cost of this dress for me was about less $110- which is not bad if you are looking for a dress on a budget.

  • By janey
  • 2013-05-20

The sheath column dress is gorgeous and exactly like the

The sheath column dress is gorgeous and exactly like the picture, we had it custom fit and it fits my daughter like a dream. We wont be able to upload pics yet as its a bridesmaids dress for my other daughters wedding next year, we purchased her wedding dress at the same time too and she is arriving from South Africa in a months time so we will get to see what that looks like and how it fits.

  • By sabrina
  • 2013-05-09

i have recently viewed your bridesmaid dresses on line and

i have recently viewed your bridesmaid dresses on line and the ones i really like you don't carry in my color...Is there any reason why you do not carry teal or turquoise...

  • By Devaughn
  • 2013-05-05


The dress is absolutely beautifulThe dress is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. It is lined and looks well made. Thank you so much.

  • By Herland
  • 2013-04-20

Perfect for the occasion!!!

I love this dress and it look so beautiful just like the same as shown on the picture. the color is very beautiful and the dress fits me like a dream!

  • By Lita
  • 2013-04-13

This dress is very beautiful

I've received my dress and I absolutely love it. It's gorgeous!! More beautiful than I expected. Fits amazing I don't need to alter a thing!

  • By Dilum Senathira
  • 2013-03-27

A GREAT deal

happy to order I received my dress in a short time and I am very happy with this purchase. The dress is magnificence and the fabric is the finest significantly.

  • By Papageorge
  • 2013-03-23

Arrived really quickly great dress Love it beautiful

Today just received I would like to comment, I really very satisfied in the purchase, the clothes quality is very good, wear special comfortable and size also just good, everything is good and thank you very much for giving me so good a piece of clothing.

  • By kathy
  • 2013-03-20

it is really small and the material dont give

it is really small and the material dont give

  • By Muszynski
  • 2013-02-05


I ordered this dress and it took nearly a month to finish processing, my dress arrived yesterday, only two days before I was supposed to wear it. However, it was perfect and made me feel like an absolute princess to wear. I would just recommend ordering at least a month in advance.

  • By Eleanor
  • 2013-02-05

It fits really well and I feel like a princess.

This dress is amazing, soft. It was everything I was asking for.

  • By karens
  • 2013-01-19

A very beautiful dress! I got it in the

A very beautiful dress! I got it in the watermelon colour, and it is terrific. Great quality and highly recommend.

  • By Elizabeth
  • 2013-01-04

Everything came on time

This was a lovely and good quality dress, i don't know what to say the dress is perfect.