Nizza A-Linie/Prinzess Schatz Ärmellos Bodenlänge Chiffon Kleid mit Plissee

Market Price: € 572.00

Sonderpreis: € 143.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Chiffon
Neckline :  Schatz
Silhouette :  A-Linie/Prinzess
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Plissee
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Bodenlänge
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Eyeline
  • 2013-07-31

Absolutely nice dress

can this dress be made in a burgundy colour? and the back to be completely backless?

  • By Skoog
  • 2013-07-30

This dress is so shining

Can the dresses be made any longer?

  • By Sanda
  • 2013-06-08

This dress is so pretty

Would you be able to make this dress in other colors rather than the ones in the color chart?

  • By Rebecca
  • 2013-06-03

The dress is a beautiful dress and the quality of the material is good

if i am in between sizes 12 and 14 which size is better to buy

  • By Mill
  • 2013-05-15

This wrap matches the dress color perfectly that I also ordered there

This wrap matches the dress color perfectly that I also ordered there

  • By William-J
  • 2013-04-13

This dress looks like so elegant

Hello there, I love this dress but I wondered if it could be made in red? Kind regards

  • By Eyeliner
  • 2013-03-29

great fit, really flattering.

Can this dress come in royal blue?

  • By Connor
  • 2013-03-13

very beautiful

How long will the dress take to come to my address

  • By Francesca
  • 2013-03-04

The dress fits true to size

Is it possible to have the dress made extra long?

  • By Adison
  • 2013-03-02

Alterations and colour guide

Hi i really love this dress and wanted to order one but reallly would like to see the chamagne and pink colour in this and was wondering whether or not you could alter it for me, i would like to get part of the back of the dress covered as it is a bit revealing from the back but would still like to keep it open at the top so i was wondering if this would be possible or not and whats the differnce in the other materials you have optioned above ThankYou.

  • By Natalie
  • 2013-02-04

The design is so unique and fashionable

Hi, can you alter the length on this dress and is it an extra charge to do this?

  • By Fitz
  • 2013-01-24

can you tell me what the colour of the dress in the picture is?

can you tell me what the colour of the dress in the picture is?

  • By Adams
  • 2013-01-23

I LOVE this dress

hi does this dress come in chiffon?

  • By Ausg
  • 2012-12-23

it like a glove

the dress arrived today it like a glove I'm sure I will feel like a celebrity at my party next month Thankyou.

  • By Brainy
  • 2012-12-21

very happy with my purchase

Can you send me a picture of the dress in purple?

  • By Gloria
  • 2012-12-12

The dress is gorgeous

Received the dress today and instantly fell in love with it!! I'm 5 ft 4 and got a size 10, which fits PERFECT but is much too long, even with 6inch heels on, so am getting it altered. The dress is gorgeous, with beautiful fabric.

  • By Genevieve
  • 2012-12-10

fast delivery and sexy

i love the look of this dress the hemline is very pretty

  • By Leilani
  • 2012-12-02

This dress is quite sexy

Hi, how does the dress go on? is there a zip? if so where is it?

  • By Lynch
  • 2012-11-04

This is the one.

I'm wondering am I purchasing the exactly same dress as picture shown? Is the zipper on the back or on the side? How long take it to make the custom size? Thanks.

  • By Judy Roberts
  • 2012-10-21

Dresses are beautiful

Dresses are beautiful,really thesame as the picture.Thank you.

  • By Casey
  • 2012-10-19

It is the most fantastic one

Can you alter it so its not backless, how much would that cost roughly?