Trompete/Meerjungfrau Ärmellos Schatz Asymmetrisch Organza Kleid mit Perlenstickerei

Market Price: € 637.50

Sonderpreis: € 153.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Organza
Neckline :  Schatz
Silhouette :  Trompete/Meerjungfrau
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Rüschen, Perlstickerei
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Asymmetrisch
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Suda
  • 2013-09-22

very flowing and flattering

Hello, was wondering if you can make this dress in any other colours

  • By Bonita
  • 2013-08-27


Does this dress come with a built in bra?

  • By Lorraine Cross
  • 2013-05-31

Dress was lovely,

do u ship to brazil??

  • By Mooneyham
  • 2013-05-25

I am interested in this dress very much

Is there any way to speed up the shipping date?

  • By Ula
  • 2013-05-09

This dress is really elegant

how long is this dress going to be available for?

  • By Jacquelynn
  • 2013-04-06

This dress is so stylish

what is the length of the dress in a standard size 8?

  • By Barstow
  • 2013-02-28

when will it be ready for?

if i was to purchase this dress within the next couple of weeks, when will it be ready for?

  • By Eliot
  • 2013-02-22

Runs too small

I recently received this dress...and it just runs too small. I followed the standard size chart (e.g. US Size2 and US Size4) based on my bridemsaids measurements. The dress is too tight in the rib cage area and there is no give (the material doesn't stretch). You will most likely need to order 2 sizes bigger. If you are a size 4, order an 8. Epic fail with this one.

  • By Thalia
  • 2013-02-12

I really like this dress

I really like this dress and I'm considering buying this dress. But i'm not sure what color I should choose.I've looked at other dresses in satin fuchsia but the color looks really diffrent on different images.Would be really happy if someone could send me some pictures of the dress in fuchsia, lilac and pink. Thanks!

  • By Joanna
  • 2013-01-05

the model wears beautiful

Does this dress require a petticoat or is it ok without it?

  • By Lulabella
  • 2013-01-04

This dress is reallu stunning

Does this dress come with a built in bra? And what is the material on this dress? Many thanks

  • By Sprankle
  • 2013-01-01

i have a question

I really want to buy this dress for my daughter but her school only required dresses with double straps. Could you make an another strap on the other side of this dress?

  • By Hamilton
  • 2012-11-17


Three questions if the dress doesn't fit properly after I have received it what will happen? And if I am quite flat chested is there a way to add something to the boob area etc.? Also, is there a built in bra? Thanks

  • By Kirsten
  • 2012-11-15

The dress looks like so attractive

how long does it take to deliver?