Trompete / Meerjungfrau trägerlosen Rüschen Taft Sweep / Pinsel Zug Kleid

Market Price: € 659.09

Sonderpreis: € 145.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Taft
Neckline :  Trägerlos
Silhouette :  Trompete/Meerjungfrau
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Rüschen
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Blusher/Pinsel Schleppe
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Jeannette
  • 2013-09-18

what the color shown in pic

what the color shown in pic

  • By Erlene
  • 2013-08-20

Lovely dress fast delivery

Is this dress in the red colour available to order made to measure?

  • By Jocelyn
  • 2013-08-08

The dress is absolutely gorgeous

The dress is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and so well made. The craftsmanship was beyond my expectations. I have already ordered anothyer dress and will order any special occasions dresses from merledress. First rate all the way!

  • By Eyeline
  • 2013-07-12

I don't like the embellishment

Is there any way to have this dress made just without the embellishment?

  • By Niamh
  • 2013-07-04

This dress looks like so great

Is it possible to get this dress in hunter (green) color?

  • By Sofia
  • 2013-06-25

Comfortable dress

I just ordered this and in the confirmation e-mail it sys the coulour is blue. i would just like to confirm that i placed an order for the BURGUNDY dress... not the blue one!!

  • By Sanda
  • 2013-05-29

Very sexy dress

Hello was just wondering if it would be possible to make the back a zipper instead of a lace up?

  • By Freas
  • 2013-05-25

It is a very nice dress

what is meant by hollow?

  • By Jassica
  • 2013-05-19

The dress is good and fit me perfectly.

The dress is good and fit me perfectly. Will definitely more items from here.

  • By Vanessa
  • 2013-04-17

I am interested in this dress very much

Hi i ordered my dress about 3 weeks ago, when should i expect for it to arrive?

  • By Pillai
  • 2013-04-03

i really like this dress

hello, i really like this dress and if i was to order it i would give me length and waist size what is the returns policy if i recieve the dress and it fits but it just doesnt suit me where do i stand on returning it?

  • By Theresia
  • 2013-04-01

This dress is so shining

Has the dress got a built in bra?

  • By Derrick
  • 2013-03-30

It looks like so stylish

Can I get this dress in red?

  • By Danica
  • 2013-02-24

Can the train of the dress be shortened

Can the train of the dress be shortened, and is there an additional cost?

  • By Ursula
  • 2013-02-05


Q; my prom is May 11th (I live in Illinois) . Am I too late to order?

  • By Elberta Smoak
  • 2013-02-05

I am interested in it very much

hi just wondering how long would it take for this dress to arrive if i purchased now?

  • By Dezern
  • 2012-12-31

This dress is quite gorgeous

Hello, I am looking at this dress and have a few inquiries, I am 175cm head to toe, what size would be suitable? Thanks

  • By Dunlop
  • 2012-12-24

A little big for me

how do you order super rush order. please help me!

  • By Kimberley
  • 2012-12-01

The delivery is so quick

Very quick and very good condition - very happy

  • By Pritts
  • 2012-11-24

This quality make me very happy

is there any other colours i can order this dress in ?

  • By Camilla
  • 2012-11-14

I was wondering whether this is possible?

hi, my daughter really likes this dress.. but she would like the back to be a low cut V shape that reaches the bottom of her back. I was wondering whether this is possible?

  • By Zimmerman
  • 2012-11-07

Elegant dress, i love

If i order today am i guaranteed the dress will arrive before the 27 june 2012?

  • By Orlandi
  • 2012-10-27


i love this dress

  • By Kipling
  • 2012-10-26

I LOVE my dress

I LOVE my dress ^^ Thank you so much !! It perfeectly in every way, andi just cant wait for my prom!!

  • By Alice
  • 2012-10-25

I LOVE this dress

if i order a dress today how many days will it take to get delivered?