Vintage-Mantel / Spalte ein-Schulter, die Chiffon-Cocktailkleider

Market Price: € 542.31

Sonderpreis: € 128.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter
Fabric :  Chiffon
Neckline :  Ein-Schulter
Silhouette :  Etui-Linie
Sleeve :  Ärmellos
Embellishment :  Perlstickerei
Waist :  Natürlich
Hemline/Train :  Kurz/Mini
Average rating: 4.8
  • By kshmi
  • 2014-01-10

The dress was stunning

It had a good shape to it It had a good shape to it, it came to a bit above my knee. It can be worn for a formal event, I wore it to a school prom party and won most elegant dress. Around the chest area it was a bit to big, although as seen in the photo i believe that is how it is meant to be, but i did get it taken in and i wanted it fitted. But the sizing matched up wonderfully.

  • By Alyssa
  • 2014-01-09

Arrived quickly!

All went well. Order and delivery just in time. And the dress, it is so beautiful!

  • By Jilinar
  • 2013-12-25


I recommend the dress, its a great deal and beautiful!!!

  • By Crader
  • 2013-12-09

I am very impress and satisfy with this dress

Good purchase I bought the dress for my school's end of year party. Your site offered it at a very reasonable price, so I risked the purchase. Fortunately, the apparel is worth every dime. I have never seen such perfection on any party dress. It is certainly at par if not better than the top brands in the business.

  • By Herbert
  • 2013-11-22

Perfect fit, lenght was excellent

I love the way it looked on me, made my body look very flattering.

  • By mberking
  • 2013-11-06

Wonderful dress, nice material

my dress has arrived and it is absolutely perfect! I can't believe how beautiful it is and I can't wait to wear it. Thank you so much and I will definitely be recommending your site to friends.

  • By Bartow
  • 2013-10-09

Does this dress come 100% exactly like picture shown

I couldnt be more happy... the quality of the dress is amazing, tailored perfectly.

  • By Tyree
  • 2013-08-29

Thank you!!!

The dress arrived and was so much more than we expected! Beautiful. The two dress combined still come close to what we would have had to pay in Canada. Thank you!!!

  • By Holtz
  • 2013-08-17

I LOVE this dress

do u send your own measurements or does the dress only come in a certain length

  • By Claris
  • 2013-06-19

High quality and beautiful dress,Love it

fit so perfectly When it arrived! I was so impressed with the quality of the dress and how amazing it fit me. It just looked gorgeous! I got so many compliments, everyone loved the dress and it fit so perfectly!! Thank you so much!

  • By Karen
  • 2013-06-12

I need to know if my dress will be despatched this week or i will cancel order today

HI, I need to know if my dress will be despatched this week or i will cancel order today. Communication is very poor.

  • By Walpole
  • 2013-06-11


It is an amazing dress ! I would like to ask you what is the colour of the dress in the pictures? thank you

  • By Keely
  • 2013-06-10

the dress is exactly what i was looking for

i would like to know if u have it in other colors hi, i think this dress is gorgeous and i would like to know if u have it in other colors if u have these colors please send me pictures and also i would like to see the picture of the dress. thx a lot as soon as i see the pictures i am gonna make my decision and order one...

  • By Alberto
  • 2013-05-29

It's beautiful

can i get this in dark or mid blue ?

  • By Jestine
  • 2013-04-29

The dress is gorgous!

Is it possible to get this with exra shorter? I love this dress but im worried that it will be too longer for me.

  • By Obryant
  • 2013-04-25

Very well made and fit wonderfully!

hi i'm interested in this dress but was wondering the length from bust to short hem in the size 4. thanks

  • By Lydia
  • 2013-04-22

What color is the dress?

What is the correct color of the dress in the picture?

  • By GeethaMR
  • 2013-04-08

Its style is quite hot this season

Can I get this dress in red?

  • By Xanthe
  • 2013-04-01

It is really a sexy dress

would this dress be available in dark green please?

  • By dorming
  • 2013-03-31

I'm really grateful for such a beautiful dress.

great shopping Your shipping was great. I am confident in recommending your dresses to others. I will purchase from you again guaranteed.

  • By FashionS
  • 2013-03-29

It's beautiful, and I can't wait to wear it on my brithday!!

I am so impressed by the quality of the dress that ordered. I am so impressed by the quality of the dress that ordered. I have not had much luck on buying clothing online, but with these prices, how could I not try it. It arrived within 2 weeks of me ordering it, it fits like a glove! The quality is really good. Shipping costs are a bit too high, but worth it in the end.

  • By Coggins
  • 2013-03-29

How return the dress

Get lots of rave reviews This dress is beautiful but has to be laced up the back which is impossible to do on your own-you need a buddy as it's a real science to get it laced properly. If you have someone-great!! but if not-you might want to consider the one that looks similar. I did get lots of rave reviews though!

  • By Jeannette
  • 2013-03-19

does your tailoring period and shipping time include all the countries you ship to ?

does your tailoring period and shipping time include all the countries you ship to ?

  • By Denise Thornton
  • 2013-03-15

It is really a sexy dress

Hi, Just wondering if i was able to exchange the dress for a different size if the one i get is too small or big? Thanks

  • 2013-03-11

It is really a sexy dress

do you have petite sizes?

  • By Xenia
  • 2013-03-11

Lovely Dress

It is as the picture showed and exactly fit me and the material is wonderful, the dress is light and shiny

  • By Mixon
  • 2013-02-10

Dress was lovely,

hello, is there any chance i could get this dress in a peach colour ,please reply quick,thanks.

  • By Saroyan
  • 2013-01-16

words are not enough now to express my feelings

i just got the dress, and it's gorgeous. words are not enough now to express my feelings. just gratitude. Thank you for making my life shinning.

  • By Junior
  • 2012-12-24

I am interested in this dress very much

What measurements are needed for this style dress?

  • By Baumbach
  • 2012-12-05

It was so well made,

Is there any way I can see what other colours are available for this dress as I can only seem to see the few options.

  • By Torie
  • 2012-11-04

It is really so sexy

If i order this dress today uk size 10 how long will it take to come here.